One-on-One VIP YIN-Coaching, 4 Weeks ENGLISH

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    VIP One-on One Private YIN-Coaching – 4 Weeks


    Private VIP One-on One Relationship and Energy Coaching

    Fast, professional, individual & confidential help no matter where you are! All you need is internet access and a smartphone, laptop or similar. The Private One-on-One YIN Coaching Package is the perfect solution for the busy woman!



    Something is not working with men and you don't know what it is?

    Do you finally want to know why you don´t arouse in a man the desire to marry you and you want to change this as soon as possible?

    With One-on-One Private YIN Coaching you can be sure that you're on the right track & not wasting valuable time getting stuck on (unconscious) blockages and triggers that you can't see or solve yourself.




    YIN Private One-on-One Coaching can help find the root cause, release the blockage - transformation can happen as soon as the very first session.

    Selected, individually tailored YIN Tools & Processes enable you to permanently anchor the YIN mindset and overcome stubborn obstacles in your relationship and with men once and for all.

    What was difficult before, becomes almost effortless with individual coaching!

    • 4 weeks of personal support in your process to avoid falling back into old and sabotaging relationship patterns.
    • 4 weeks of personal support to help you practice the new YIN behaviors with confidence.
    • YIN Private Coaching is typically found by clients to be a liberating, relaxing, confidence building & motivating experience.



    What exactly do we do in YIN Private Coaching?

    • We review, modify and, if necessary, create dating profiles according to the proven insights of the original YIN formula.
    • We analyze men's conversations & chats with you and adjust communication according to your goals.
    • We review the behavior of current candidates using the YIN Dating Navigator & make sure you don't accidentally block good men or your Mr. Right.
    • We correct communication errors on all levels with current candidates and check to see if it flips his marriage switch. This is how we determine if he is your perfect match.
    • I give you tasks,
    • In our live video calls I will dissolve lies, blocks & triggers with you, using all the tools of the YIN formula, individually tailored to your situation. So a big part of the work is already done during the call!
    • All in ENGLISH or GERMAN and if you wish even in a mix (yes, my clients are often fluent in both languages and we analyze the communication in both languages during our time together).


    By invitation only! Bookable only after you have contacted me by mail and received a confirmation that there is a place available.

    For ENGLISH - please send a short Mail: „One-on-One VIP YIN-Coaching – 4 Weeks ENG“ to christinaschramm(at) or use the Contact sheet here 

    • 4 weeks YIN Private One-on-One Coaching
    • 4 sessions of 90 minutes each of personal video coaching. 1x per week, 4 weeks in a row
    • Parallel 1x daily (Mon - Fri) coaching via chat. Answering 1-2 questions up to. 20 minutes duration. Answer as soon as possible. However, it may take up to 24 hours.
    • Languages: English, German
    • Available worldwide


    Ready for big results in your love life? 

    For ENGLISH - please send a short Mail: „One-on-One VIP YIN-Coaching – 4 Weeks ENG“ to christinaschramm(at)

    or use the Contact sheet here 




    Here is the fine print:

    1. YIN-Private Coaching is designed to assess and optimize the client's current private relationship with her/his current girlfriend/boyfriend/life partner/wife/husband, taking into account professional and especially private aspects. The client's overall goal is to acquire, practice and independently apply knowledge and skills that will enable her to have the happiest relationship possible, to choose a man/partner who is suitable for her and to decide freely whether to accept a marriage proposal from such a man/partner.
    2. The client is responsible for the implementation of the tasks and solutions developed and offered by the provider.
    3. Please book only after our personal conversation (Mon-Fri) and after agreeing on an exact date! Bookings made independently will not be accepted.
    4. Prior to the start of the coaching, the coaching fee must be paid in full.
    5. Either by bank transfer or PayPal. The bank details will be provided by the provider after a start date has been agreed on.
    6. In most cases, the video coaching takes place via Facebook Messenger. If you don't have Facebook, you will be sent a dial-in link for a Zoom meeting. This runs over the internet. No additional software required! All very simple.
    7. If you don't have FB, you will need the messenger service Telegram to chat with me.
    8. When booked, 4 weeks are considered a firm booking. Splitting or interrupting is not possible. The period runs for 30 days after booking. The coaching ends after 30 days from the day of booking, even if coaching or chats have not been used.
    9. At least 48 hours notice must be given to reschedule an appointment. There is no right to reschedule. Rescheduling is subject to availability. The provider need not justify non-availability.
    10. In case of non-appearance/non-availability or no calls the video appointment expires after 10 minutes without compensation.
    11. There will be no recordings provided after the calls.
    12. In case of unforeseeable illness or disaster, both parties will always try to find a mutually convenient solution and contact each other. Both parties will try to reschedule in a timely manner if necessary. For missed chats, the rescheduling in case of illness or disaster is valid for a maximum of 5 days.
    13. The Coach does not owe any results, but is responsible for accompanying and shaping the coaching process.